In your life you need to do what you love, something that gives you great pleasure, and photography is just that something.

If you invite me to Your wedding or civil partnership I will focus on capturing those special moments, moments that counts, details, fun, emotions.
Working in a discreet reportage style, I look for candid moments and real emotion to make my photos filled with passion.

I’v been told that I’m very unnoticeable as the day progress, and I’m not standing at everyone way, or trying to disrupt day. Being in the shadow, in between guests aloud me to capture a moments that last for seconds, little smile, kiss or real expression of people enjoying themselves. It really helps a lot to snap a photos that tell story of the day.
Obviously if You want to have few group shots, thats absolutely fine ,but I prefer documentary style of photography, which enables me to create something different, something You’ll remember as you special day, after all is Your day.

About me:
I have my own style based on my personal aesthetic sense and experience. I’m always giving my all to develop high quality products to my clients. I’m working with full frame system using only bright lenses to minimise using flash unless is absolutely necessary or require to create effect I’m looking for.
Away from pressing shutter button I live in West London, having myself in many interest, like snowboarding for many many years, football or traveling around with my camera always with me taking some odd photos from time to time…

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